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WE Day KY co-founder


Film producer, Kentucky native

Andrew Trager

Senior Vice President, Republic Bank


Title: Change

Producer: Becca Kaelin

Title: Operation Pure Water

Producer: Seneca Redhawk Ranger

Title: A Walk Down the Street

Producer: Sophia Retone


Title: Keep Calm and Recycle

Producer: Kara Dugan and Lily Lewis
Cast: Kara Dugan and Lily Lewis
School: Villa Madonna Academy
Synopsis: Our film is about recycling and how different people view the need for recycling. It is also about the good things that recycling does. We have different graphics, songs and characters in our film. We filmed it at a playground near where we live and got people at the playground to help us at the end of our film.
Objective: To inspire people to recycle more and take better care of the Earth.
Superpower: Girl power -- together we can change the world.



Title: Superpower + Issue = Change

Producer: Chris Zachritz
Cast: Providence Ambassadors
School: Providence Montessori School
Synopsis: This is not an award winning film but it has heart. It is an uncut version (because our director is not tech savvy). We took our superpowers and made a change with a walk for water. Next we will help animals.
Objective: To demonstrate that everyone has superpowers and together we can make a change.
Superpower: Loving, Caring, Giving, Kindness



Title: || Pause ||

Producer: Leo Tobbe
Cast: animated
School: N/A
Synopsis: My film focuses on thinking of social media as a community of real people
and engaging in a positive way.
Objective: To make people think about the energy they are contributing to social media.
Superpower: The ability to || Pause ||
Category: Middle School



Title: I’m OK

Producer: Jordan Rae Grant
Cast: Jordan Rae Grant, Mandy Bryant, Monica Grant, Eric Grant, Maggie Cox, Cole Bryant, Jordan Cook, Natalie Grant, Karen Baxter, Julie Cox, Chloe Cox, Michelle Stevenson
School: Grayson County Middle School
Synopsis: Everybody thinks that Charli is just a normal, happy girl, but deep down, she is not okay. Charli struggles and struggles until finally she has had all that she can take. Charli ends up ending it all and causing loads of grief for her family and friends.
Objective: To encourage people to speak up about how they are feeling before they do something they cannot take back.
Superpower: Encouraging people to speak up
Category: Middle School



Title: We Go Green: Holy Trinity Recycling Superheroes

Producer: Lucia Rodriquez-Agusti, Kyndall Wintergerst-Weston, Connor Klimek, Lainey Bayer, & Barrett Lockhart
School: Holy Trinity Parish School
Synopsis: Highlighting the work of our Student Council's Environmental Committee over the years, this video shares ideas on how we can all save the world and be superheroes in our own schools, churches, and communities.
Objective: To remind our students of all the ways they save the environment/world, as well as encourage them to recycle more often. They're working to collect 250 lbs. of bottle caps and hope this video will encourage more bottle cap donations!
Superpower: Environmental Advocacy and Recycling
Category: Middle School



Title: For The Love Of The Game

Producers: Parker Jacobs and Mateo Moreno
Cast: Parker Jacobs, Mateo Moreno
School: N/A
Synopsis: This film covers our journey to create SMILE soccer camp for kids.
Objective: To let other kids know that your superpower can come from many things- even your love for a sport.
Superpower: The love of soccer and desire to help kids.
Category: Middle School



Title: We are empowered women

Producer: Asmaa Al Saedi
Cast: Asmaa Al Saedi, Hamdi Mohamed, Huda Aidid, Wanago Ibrahim, Bahray Khamis, Janne Maria
School: Iroquois High School
Synopsis: This film is about the young women who don't have the right to their education in their home countries based on religious reasons such as marriage. A related topic that we have spoken about is bullying and sterotypes in the U.S, schools how it’s affecting us. Even though we can now get an education we are still being targeted.
Objective: To make a change, by educating people to understand that there are kids out there who have no rights to their education; to make a change by stopping child marriages at such a young age. Women empowerment is about the changes as women can make. A change starts within you – let’s stop taking schools for granted, become educated and help these people. We are change.
Superpower: The power of women to change the world
Category: High School



Title: "WE" Make Change

Producer: Kayden Mulrooney
Cast: Marissa Smith, Gavin Alfon, Emily Slaven, Ellie Hummel, Tori Minteer, Becca Kaelin, Mateo Moreno, and Andrew Kelmanson
School: Various (Mayor’s Give A Day/WE Day Youth Board)
Synopsis: This short film tackles the issue of lack of diversity, inclusion, and representation in media. It shows us how people can be so different and unique and still use their gifts to make a difference. No matter of your age, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality, everyone can be a superhero in their own way!
Objective: To promote unity, inclusivity, and diversity. There are so many people who just don't see themselves in media, and we want to show that every person is deserving of the spotlight, no matter how different they are from you. Also, we hope to show the youth of Kentucky that they can use their superpowers for good, no matter how big or small they may seem.
Superpower: Everyone in the film gets the chance to show off their own superpower, and that they are all unique!
Category: High School



Title: Concerned immigrants and refugees

Producer: Josiane Sadiki
Cast: Josiane Sadiki, Ekuchi Bika, Mateso Machumbe, Nyembo Michel, Perez Abreu Reynerio, Salah Abdulahi,Mmunga Faraja, Iftin Yakub, Sylvie Mukangamije.
School: Iroquois High School
Synopsis: Our film is about poverty and other problems that are affecting immigrants and refugees in the United States. Some of these include language barrier, discrimination in the work place, illiteracy, transportation, no health insurance and lack of documents, etc.
Objective: For employers to treat us equally at work and for our American brothers and sisters to treat us with compassion and sympathy as we are learning the new ways of our new home America.
Superpower: The numerous languages we speak.
Category: Under 25



Title: #WhyWEStayHomeKY PSA

Producer: Kayden Mulrooney
Cast: Kayden Mulrooney, Becca Kaelin, Julia Werner, Valentina Moreno, Mateo Moreno, Tori Minteer
School: Various (Mayor’s Give A Day/WE Day Youth Board)
Synopsis: This is a message from Youth Board members sharing why they are staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Objective: We hope this PSA will encourage more of our peers to practice social distancing, to help flatten the COVID-19 infection curve.
Superpower: Proactive Compassion
Category: 60-Second PSA



STU POLLARD - Independent Film Producer and Director, Lunacy Productions
MUSTAFA GOUVERNEUR - Documentary Filmmaker, CEO and Producer
LIJAH FOSL - Program Facilitator, PeaceCasters
LAKIN PACK - Production Coordinator, Bisig Impact Group
DAVE CHRISTOPHER - Executive Director, Academy of Music Production Education & Development

Title: Change